10 Truths About Residing in Lockdown


The reality behind lockdown is mixed. Here is my take on it.

Photo by Mish Vizesi on Unsplash

1. You have good days and bad days.

Sometimes you feel like you’re on top of the world and that you can handle anything. On others, you feel like you can’t get your bum off the sofa yet you’re too restless to keep sitting on there. It’s ok. You’re human. Just lean into it and breathe.

2. You’re running out of house and garden projects to do.

One day I gardened for six hours. Another day I cleaned the house for eight. Those are both records for me. I like a tidy garden and a clean house but I could have done both in a third of the time. I’ve also painted everything that I could have, washed every window, bathed the dog, and organised every wardrobe and cupboard in the house. Actually, I’ve organised every wardrobe and cupboard in the house twice already.

3. You’ve got lots of creative ideas but follow-through is trickier.

I’ve managed to edit and write. I get into a flow and am in it for an hour or two. Then, out of nowhere, a glass wall appears and I can’t do anything to get through it. So I don’t. I go back to doing some more cleaning, gardening or organising. There’s no point forcing creativity as it’s more challenging than ever to focus. My three different draft book proposals demonstrate this. Being in a forced lockdown doesn’t exactly induce the sense of freedom you often need to create.

4. You miss your loved ones a lot – and appreciate them a lot more as a result.

I’ve spoken to my friends more in the last four weeks than I have in the last four months. I talk to my parents almost every day. When my trainer sent me a video and a picture of my horse Mickey that I haven’t seen for four weeks, I noticed tears rolling down my face. This is hard. But when this is all over, we’re all going to hug each other a lot tighter.

5. You’re getting more creative with cooking.

Not necessarily by choice. One by one, some things are disappearing out of the supermarket shelves and not coming back. Flour was the first. Then carrots (randomly). Now it’s eggs. I’m buying what I see and learning to cook with them. To be fair, this has been another welcome distraction and resulted in a lot of great dishes I wouldn’t have otherwise made.

6. You’re refusing to waste anything.

You’re eating based on what has the quickest use by date. Any fruit or veg that is starting to age, gets cooked or eaten promptly. This is not a time to waste food. Really, no food should ever be wasted but sometimes it gets forgotten and sadly rotten. Now, I’m hyper-vigilant about this.

7. You’re cuddling anyone in your household more than ever.

You’re staying close to the ones you’re in lockdown with. You’re constantly checking in on them, making sure they’re ok. Even our pup Bond is cuddlier than ever, lying right by my hip or on my feet wherever I am. I’m enjoying it and need it. Maybe he’s sensing it too.

8. You’re finding more joy in the little things.

A flower starting to bloom, the rays of sun coming through the window at sunrise, a refreshing breeze in the heat. The beautiful blue sky, the glowing moon, the starry skies. Nature has become the main source of entertainment and it’s breathtaking.

9. You realise you’re stronger than you think.

Just like that, four weeks of lockdown has passed and you’re still standing. You haven’t lost your mind (at least not yet), you’re still eating well, and finding the energy to move your body. You can do this. Both you and I can. I know this with every cell in my body.

10. You’ve noticed the world is kinder than ever.

Maybe this is the silver lining in all this. People are checking in on their neighbours from afar. They’re calling their colleagues asking if they need help with anything. We’re clapping for all the people who are keeping the world working. We are kinder to each other online. I hope this all sticks. I really do.

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