49 black nutritionists, cooks, and meals consultants you may know and study from

A study published in 2018 examines the effects of structural racism on food insecurity. In it, they define structural racism as "the totality in which societies promote racial discrimination by mutually reinforcing unequal systems". These systems include housing, employment, income, media, healthcare, criminal justice and more.

The social and economic benefits that white people have from these longstanding systems lead to increased food insecurity among races and ethnic groups, the study explains.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has been tracking food insecurity for more than 20 years. While there have been fluctuations during these years, "a trend that continues is the gap in the prevalence of food insecurity between black and white," they write.

These are the latest USDA data on food insecurity (2018):

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