6 classes we can’t neglect after lockdown lifts

Basically, we have to create stable foundations in ourselves. When our jobs and access to others stall, it becomes clearer – but it has always been true and always will be.

One of the most life-changing things that personal financial advisor Ramit Sethi taught me was the tripod of stability – three things that work right and act as anchors in our lives, from which we can experiment and enjoy life. These tripod legs can encompass our self-esteem, relationships, finances, careers, and daily routines. Realizing that my tripod did not exist, I briefly left my abusive partner and then worked on growing more legs. Today my tripod is more like an octopus. Also note that what works on your tripod today may outgrow in the future. Therefore, schedule quarterly and annual reviews.

On the other hand, we also need spontaneity to thrive because it creates excitement, curiosity and encourages creativity. Psychology professor Adam Grant writes: “Mastery comes from conscious practice. Creativity comes from conscious play. "

Through a stable sense of self and routine, we can feel safe enough to be confused to expand our usual repertoire – think while you master your kneading technique, play with different fillings or types of flour – or explore new activities.

Consideration: What have I learned from Lockdown regarding my need for routines and what works and which spontaneous activities do I appreciate most?

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