6 Issues To Think about Earlier than Speaking About Cash With Cherished Ones

Teamwork makes the dream work. Be in the money management game together. Don’t assume your partner has it all together. They probably do, but it can feel like a lot of pressure when one partner checks out and isn’t aware of the numbers. When you both know your financials, when things go sideways—you’re in it together.

This means there’ll be fingers to point because you have made shared decisions. When you are talking about your goals and money moves, use the “we” and “us” because you’re in it together friend. And most states (if you are married or in a common law partnership) are going to see your finances (i.e. debt) as shared regardless if it was there before you got together.

If you are the one running your financials and want your partner to be involved, start with a simple invitation like, “I’ve put some numbers together for our budget based on some of our goals and I’d love for you to take a look at them with me.” Key word here is “invitation”. 

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