A psychotherapist on easy methods to be there on your black mates now

"Make sure you don't expect an answer and then go back to work," said Francis.

Black people are flooded with news and information about what's going on in the world, and it can be extremely overwhelming. When you contact them, let them know that they are under no pressure to look after you at the moment if they do not have enough space or capacity. It's just a matter of letting them know that you are there when they need you.

Leave the door open so they can talk to you about it more if you want, but don't ask them to join a conversation unless they choose to do so.

Also ask questions like "What can I do?" Perhaps "you feel like asking for more work from a person who is already tired," added Francis. Instead, you can try asking: Can I do something for you now?

Or, if possible, leave an offer on the table of what you want to do so that they can accept it if necessary.

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