Who We Are?

Our Mission

We all want purpose and connection! We all struggle to figure out what that is or how to achieve it? How to achieve happiness? Or to stay in a state of bliss? I believe happiness becomes you when you learn more deeply about yourself. The more deeply one knows themselves the more beautiful they become to themself. The more they start recognizing their purpose and connection to the world around them and the people that surround them.  I believe the process of healing is to break and unbreak, discover and rediscover, unchain the chains to become this untamed version of yourself that is allowed to constantly grow and change. The possibilities with that kind of thinking are infinite and undeniably beautiful. That is how I believe happiness is achieved, it can’t be tamed, it is the freeing of one’s soul by noticing, feeling and thinking. It is allowing every particle of your being to connect with yourself and everything around you!

About Me

My name is Tharani, born in Sir Lanka and raised in Canada. I live in beautiful British Columbia, the land of beautiful mountains which touch the clouds and breath-taking ocean that that melts into the sky. We are surrounded by majestic trees and engulfed in a world of beauty and nature. I am an unconditionally loving daughter, sister, fiercely loyal and honest friend. I am an animal lover, travel enthusiast, creative chef, and inspired artist. My love for nature increases day by day and the wonders of the world never fails to amaze me. I love humans, I think they are brilliant, amazing and a complicated puzzle. Each a unique gift with unique purpose and each equally important. I am a great believer of positive thinking; I truly think if we put our mind to it, we can try seeing the positive in any situations and that can not only save you but the whole world as well. Earth is truly magnificent and we forget to relish in its beauty and appreciate all it offers. I believe unconditional love, gratitude and positive energy can make any of your dreams comes true. Life is an adventure and there is so much to be discovered and appreciated and so much given to us to make us happy. What took me to life coaching is actually self-discovery during moments of boredom and loss of purpose. My true connection and calling has been with helping people discover something they already process or help them move forward when they are stuck. I am always intrigued by people’s history because I find it to be the truth that serves to illuminate a path to a whole, free, and untamed happy version of you who is unique, different from the status quo. I want to help clients feel that confidence, that positive energy and unconditional love for themselves and others and help create an untamed happier version of themself. People are naturally creative and resourceful and they just need the right nudge to help them find their own brilliance and greatness. You have more potential than you know! I’m super excited to be part of this journey with you! Let’s unleash this untamed version of you! Let happiness become you!