Actual dialog: can you’ve gotten an out-of-body expertise if crucial?

There are countless online forums in which everyday people describe their experiences when entering the astral plane at will. However, for obvious reasons, very little scientific research has been done to determine whether it is actually possible to mentally detach yourself from the physical body. Matters of the soul are incredibly difficult to study in a laboratory.

However, there is a case study from 2014 by the School of Psychology at the University of Ottawa in which a woman who said she could do an astral project was placed under an fMRI machine. The patient was physically inpatient for an hour, but was led in and out of astral projections asking her to move her non-physical body in different ways. The researchers monitored activity in different regions of her brain throughout the exercise, and found that they showed activity that correlated with movement in the times when it claimed to be astral projections. "The presence and presentation of such a case increases the possibility that this phenomenon has a significant incidence," the study said. "This would be reminiscent of the discovery and possible investigation of synesthesia."

Alexander, M.D., a neurosurgeon, has also been the subject of research into out-of-body experiences and astral projections. In 2008, Alexander was in a week-long coma due to an inexplicable brain infection. When he woke up, he claims to have deep memories of a journey deep into another realm. Since then, he has devoted his life to researching the secrets of human consciousness. Although his near-death experience was not voluntary, Alexander was led to believe that astral projection was possible. He says he is now using binaural beats-based audio to travel beyond the five senses and explore non-physical aspects of consciousness.

The problem with declaring the astral projection as "real" or "false" is that much information about it is anecdotal. Capturing human consciousness in modern science has proven to be a very difficult (and possibly impossible) task.

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