Alicia Keys Will get Her Glow With A DIY Masks & It is So Simple To Replicate

As we know, the best masks are equally exfoliating and hydrating, giving you that bouncy, fresh skin post-treatment. That’s why Keys is partial to an aloe vera gel in her concoction: “I’m always looking for something to calm it all down,” she notes. Aloe is great to pair with exfoliating masks, as its anti-inflammatory properties can help soothe irritation and give the experience more of a hydration boost.

She pumps a few squirts of Epicurean’s aloe vera gel into her palm (about a dime size), following with a few sprinkles of their probiotic powder. The blend also features non-fat milk and lactose—signaling lactic acid as the chemical workhorse here. That said, you can sub in yogurt for your DIY version—the creamy goodness is rich in the gentle acid. Yogurt is also chock-full of probiotics, making it the one-two punch you need to replicate the formula. (Peek at the full recipe and method, outlined here.)

Then, the fun part: Keys rubs the mixture together in her palms, slathering it on her face in upward circular motions. “It has a little bit of a grainy texture, and something about that feels good,” she says. While the mask isn’t technically a physical exfoliant, some of those powder granules can give your face a little massage. Once the goop settles, she waits about five minutes before washing off and patting dry with a fluffy towel.

Then just a spritz of rosewater spray (or “around a thousand,” per Keys), some moisturizing eye cream, sunscreen, lip balm, and she’s good to go. “My skin feels really good,” she says before turning to her signature hair wrap. 

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