Be taught collectively: The right way to begin a ebook membership that celebrates black voices

Next: Choose your first reading. In my experience, the easiest way to identify a person is to select 2-3 options that the group on your thread can vote on. (The person who selects them can change every time.)

What is to be nominated is entirely up to you! There are already many resources against racism, and mbg has brought together some educators here. Start with one of them and work on this medium over time. Nonfiction is a wonderful tool for learning and unlearning – as are novels, essays, memoirs and collections of poems that focus on black culture.

In her criticism of the anti-racist reading list about vultures, the writer and professor Lauren Michele Jackson writes that expanding beyond the classic anti-racism texts is an opportunity to learn more about the "holistic racial puzzle". Books by black authors that do not exist for the self-growth of the reader, but for the personal expression of the author, also have a place on our shelves. Here is a list of 29 that can help build empathy and understanding, and here are dozens of black shops that you can order from. (While you are surfing, you may also want to buy a new diary to write down your reactions to the book discussions. More on this below.)

The group can always deviate from the written word and instead discuss podcasts, lectures, films, etc. White (podcast), Code Switch (podcast), 13th (film) and Just Mercy (film) are now available for free.

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