Boo-bye cramps, flatulence and temper swings: 5 dietary supplements to alleviate interval signs

Ginkgo's fan-shaped leaves are one of the oldest surviving tree species and contain powerful antioxidants and terpenoids that can reduce inflammation, promote blood circulation and relieve anxiety. Scientists are still learning everything about this old plant, but early research has shown that ginkgo can also be a useful addition to menstruation.

A 2009 study in which 85 students took 40 milligrams of ginkgo biloba extract either three times a day from the 16th day of their menstrual cycle to the fifth day of their next cycle, or a placebo, found that the supplement decreased the severity of the physical intervention and Psychological symptoms of PMS in almost one in four participants compared to less than 9% of those taking the placebo. The scientists say further studies are needed to determine the best dosage and duration of treatment, but the early results show that using ginkgo for a better period is promising.

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