four Issues You Can Do Proper Now To Battle For Social Justice

You’ve seen it posted all over social media, heard it from the mouths of activists and educators: Vote. While voting is just one ingredient in the “social justice pie” we have to bake, according to Harper, it’s crucial for the whole endeavor.

And he’s not just talking about national elections. Think locally, too: “Eighty percent of DA’s run unopposed,” Harper tells me. But think about it—if there were a progressive DA in the running, they could start to charge cops with murder if there was a justifiable use of force. That would certainly make a difference on the ground. Harper agrees: “That will change behavior real quick.”

Of course, it’s a lot more multifaceted than it sounds. “A lot of it comes down to transparency, data, who’s in office, what type of community oversight there is, and being able to get rid of bad actors in all areas,” Harper explains. But know that we have the agency to change legislation, even if it starts small. “We the people have to decide we are stronger together, but that means all hands on deck,” he adds.  

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