It is Tomato Season! Here is An Concept To Protect Them To Use All Yr

Tomato season is in full swing. While the season is pretty long, winters are often spent cooking from canned tomato products. But while it’s a bit easier to get our hands on fresh, flavorful tomatoes why not try preserving them for use in the colder, less tomato-friendly, months?

While there’s multiple ways to do so, this abundantly simple preparation from The Ultimate Guide To Preserving Vegetables sets up your tomatoes to become the base of sauces, side dishes, and more. While the recipe calls for certain accompanying vegetables, herbs, and spices, this method of preservation can be adapted with the flavors that you like to use in your tomatoey dishes.

Not only will they likely taste better than store-bought canned tomatoes, it’s also a more sustainable alternative, especially if you can use tomatoes from a local farmers market. Plus, this way you know exactly what’s going into your mixture.

Author Angi Scheidner writes “I put those tomatoes in a baking dish with a few spices and pop it in the oven while I finish sorting through the rest of the garden harvest. By the time I’m done sorting, the tomatoes are ready to come out of the oven and get preserved for the freezer.”

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