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Motivation or willpower for change

Have you ever felt an emotion forever?

Hello internet! It's me, Christopher Lawrence with Change my Life Coaching. Do you still rely on motivation to achieve your life and career goals? Why am I asking? Here's the crazy thing about motivation. Motivation is an emotion, so I want to ask you a question. Have you ever felt an emotion forever? No, you don't because people are dynamic and we have hundreds of different types of emotions. Expecting an emotion to be felt forever would be against what it means to be human. And because motivation is an emotion, how could you ever expect to experience motivation all the time? You can not. What do we do instead?

Use the motivation to start the fire

So I like to say that. I want to say that motivation ignites the fire but does not keep the fire going. So what do you do instead of relying on motivation? First, use motivation to your advantage. Use the motivation to kindle the fire, get it going, take the initiative, you know, something like that. Motivation is not bad, it just burns out very quickly. But what are you doing instead? Well, in fact, you're starting to rely on changes in purpose and behavior. I suggest that if you have a strong and compelling reason for doing something and you start to focus on the behaviors and the life and lifestyle that you need to create to achieve what you want to achieve , then this is the real magic that happens. So that means the motivation is there. You get these little motivational shots and use them to establish new habits or behaviors that can help you achieve your desired goal or create the habit you are trying to create. And when you do that, it starts to lock yourself in. And here's the really cool thing. When something becomes a habit, you no longer need motivation. Why? Because it's a habit. It is something you do.

Motivation or willpower for change

What works for you?

So this is something you can think about. I would love to hear from you. If you feel motivated, what are you really focusing on and want to do because motivation feels really good. It's like a drug, it's addictive, isn't it? But what do you do to keep the course, to continue? How do you encourage yourself? And if you're struggling with it, you can contact Contact me directly (here). There is a link that you can use to email me directly, and maybe we can do a life and career coaching. Otherwise, you might just do an analysis. Take a notebook and see where you are most motivated in your life and when you are the hardest and rely on work, change your behavior, set habits and achieve goals. Brilliant. Take care, internet!

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