Neglect Crab: Throw Collectively These Salmon Muffins With One Can Of Fish

You’ve heard of crab cakes, and maybe salmon burgers, but these salmon cakes take the two ideas and put them together to great success. And summer and seafood go hand in hand, but while we’re limiting our shopping trips it’s not always feasible to keep seafood on hand.

But canned fish is a great option for eating more seafood while you’re social distancing, and in his new cookbook The Tinned Fish Cookbook Bart van Olphen gives us plenty of inspiration for how to use these pantry essentials.

As a sustainable fishing advocate, van Olphen is on a “journey to cook and fish with world’s most amazing sustainable fishing communities.” And a crucial part of that sustainable seafood world is canned fish options, including the salmon used here.

Not only does this recipe give the perfect recipe for the salmon cakes, it gives two simple and easy condiments to pair them with: a chimichurri and an avocado spread.

Chimichurri is an uncooked sauce, common in South American and Mexican cooking, that comes together with a mix of herbs and seasonings—usually parsley, but here mint and cilantro pair perfectly with ginger and red chile to top the salmon cakes.

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