Packing: Learn how to transfer safely in the course of the pandemic

Moving is an opportunity to take a more critical look at your physical possessions. It forces us to investigate what we have done with the hoarding specialist and clutter coach Elaine Birchall. MSW calls our "previous life" to feel good.

"Perhaps you are someone who has never really developed the ability to calm yourself down. That is why you need these regular pick-me-ups and you are ready to accept them in the form of things that can never meet your needs," says Birchall mbg and added that since the pandemic began, she has seen many people clinging to material possessions for fear (remember the lack of toilet paper?).

If you question what you really need, you can sell or give away a lot of furniture, clothing, and other items – and don't put them anywhere. If donation, exchange and collection points in your area are closed for security reasons, contact online second-hand sellers such as thredUp clothing. You sell or recycle any textiles you send in. For furniture, the AptDeco resale website is still in operation in the NYC region. Therefore, check whether a similar service is available in your neighborhood.

Moving Agency and author of The Art Of Happy Moving Ali Wenzke recommends packing all the remaining items in a box marked "Donations" and taking them to your new location. "I know that moving around with items that have mentally disappointed you is not ideal, but as soon as charities can start collecting items again, they will need your gently used sheets and lamps more than ever," she says .

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