Summer time is right here: The 10 greatest mineral sunscreens for each pores and skin tone

Mineral sunscreens are a subcategory of sun care in which only mineral ingredients – zinc oxide and titanium dioxide – are used as the active ingredient. These are also called physical blockers because they manually protect your skin from the sun (literally bounce off them), while chemical blockers absorb the UV rays instead of letting them get into the epidermis.

They love clean and natural beauty lovers because they are proven to be safer for the skin and the environment. But they have drawbacks, one important one: portability. Due to the thicker nature, they do not rub in easily and some leave a white shimmer (especially with darker skin). Since clean and natural skin care has generally become more technical, the formulas have also become more technical: they use plasticizers to smooth the formula, color-correcting shades to mix in, and so on.

Read below for our favorites.

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