The 5 non-negotiable components of a wholesome quarantine permitted by a health care provider

According to holistic psychiatrist Ellen Vora, M.D., this is the time to rethink your limits on technology. While we want all the latest information on what's going on, there is a fine line between being informed and overwhelmed. Vora recommends that you set limits on how often you check your phone each day and what you do when you feel like it: "Notice what makes your breath tighter and set practical limits. Do not cut yourself off from what is happening happens, but choose carefully where you get your information from, "she told us in a recent episode of the mbg podcast.

If you feel overwhelmed and triggered by something you read, keep the 90-second rule in mind: your body's chemical response to a stimulus usually only lasts 90 seconds. After that, it's up to you to decide whether you want to continue to respond or just keep going.

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