The burnout of the dad and mom is actual in the mean time: How to deal with the beginning of the summer season

As you make your submissions during your important work video meeting, you'll see your dog pulling valuable toilet paper out of the bathroom to play with while living in fear of your kids running and screaming in the room. You work from 11:15 to 11:30 continuously until you hear a fight between your children that you have to lead. Your youngest child is on telephoto speech therapy and is constantly closing the computer and exiting the video program as he drops into his chair and explains: "This is boring!" at the distressed speech therapist. When you finally get back to work, the doorbell rings with your groceries and hopefully more valuable toilet paper.

In the past few months you have been wearing different hats over and over again: full-time parents, full-time teachers and maybe full-time employees. And now summer is just around the corner: while some parts of the world will still have camps and activities outside the home, others will be asked to continue childcare at home. Since many parents continue to go to school until the "summer break", the thought of being your child's camp advisor is daunting.

Parents are physically and emotionally exhausted and now feel ineffective in several areas of their lives. While the world is opening up in many areas, parents need to be revived due to existing problems with home teaching and childcare.

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