The medical spirit that this nutritionist makes use of in her typical summer season cocktail

With the beginning of summer weekends, the idea of ​​summer cocktails can also come to the fore. And while you're still socially distancing yourself, there are plenty of drinks you can enjoy from afar, like this Matcha Gimlet by Ali Miller, integrative nutritionist and author of The Anti-Anxiety Diet.

The star of the cocktail is Matcha, a powdered, concentrated green tea. "The Matcha gimlet offers an immune boost, electrolytes and antioxidants in one," explains Ali. It is also what gives this gimlet its distinctive green color. Matcha contains three times as much of the powerful antioxidant EGCG as normal green tea and contains L-theanine, which promotes a feeling of calm.

Regarding alcohol, Ali explains that gin is a good choice: "Gin is a fairly medical spirit that uses hundreds of phytonutrients, with most blends using more than 20, namely juniper berries, which are rich in antioxidants and antimicrobial and antifungal compounds are, "she says.

She suggests combining alcohol with a blender such as coconut water, kombucha, tea, or fresh lemon juice to balance the stress of the alcohol. "Mixing this power pack with Matcha and the electrolyte balance of the coconut water gives this drink a balanced taste that absorbs the grass and herb notes and at the same time supports the body."

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