This Week’s Horoscope Is Jam-Packed With A Retrograde & Eclipse

Our already sensitive feelings get a lot more tender this week as planets converge in watery Cancer. Until July 12, the planet of communication and information will be backing up through Cancer, creating space for deeper empathy and a whole lot of misunderstanding to emerge. As the zodiac’s most maternal sign, Cancer rules our homes—and our homelands—as well as how we nurture ourselves and the people in proximity. As communities around the globe march, protest, and begin taking account for history (all while attempting to practice social distancing), new conversations have emerged.

How do we protect our most vulnerable citizens? How do we create a space where everyone gets to feel “at home”? Questions like these will become louder and more urgent to resolve. Since retrogrades rule the past, many people will have to reckon with messes and mistakes that are too late to undo. With Mercury in reverse for the new few weeks, this could go a couple of ways. On the one hand, retrogrades are crucial cycles for reparations; a time that allows us to clean up the past. But Mercury’s backspins are also notorious for causing dialogues to break down, and in this prickly sign, people could harden their defensive shells—or become resistant to the change that is underway. NOT taking everything personally will be one of the biggest challenges of this three-week cycle.

On a more personal level, is it time to reset things under your roof? Whether your home has been the eye of the storm or the storm itself, Mercury’s retrograde through Cancer could push family and roommate dynamics into the spotlight. Fortunately, this Saturday, June 20, the Sun beams into Cancer, kicking off a clarifying monthlong cycle. Instead of sweeping things under the rug, try rearranging the “furniture” to make your space a more comfortable, equitable safety zone for everyone. With these solar flares shooting into the softest, most sentimental parts of our hearts until July 22, this is a powerful time to (re)connect with relatives and BFFs. As restrictions ease up, maybe it’s time to plan that family-reunion picnic in the park or invite a comforting friend to be your houseguest. Since Saturday is the longest, lightest day of the year, consider it a powerful moment of personal illumination. Have a sitdown with your journal and dedicate the solstice to tracking the wisdom of your heart.

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