Wednesday’s Lovey-Dovey Astro Occasion Solely Occurs Each 584 Days

The Sun and Venus retrograde land at the same degree of Gemini, making an “inferior conjunction,” an event that happens only every 584 days, midway through each Venus retrograde. Much like a new moon, this cosmic coupling can be thought of as a Venus rebirth (or a “new Venus”), a moment when everything goes dark in the sky and we have a completely blank canvas upon which to map our dreams. You may even want to ritualize this.

How about setting up a love altar, complete with photos of your dream romantic scenario or favorite moments with your S.O.? Surround it with crystals, pull a card from your favorite divination deck, and let it bathe in the sunbeams of the brightest window in your home. Or, if you’ve been hanging on to a toxic situation, scrawl that righteously rage-filled letter to the infuriating heartbreaker, then burn it ceremoniously instead of dropping it into the mailbox.

This week, Venus is invisible in the skies, after completing her phase as an “evening star” (visible in the sky near sundown). Next week, Venus will appear again as a “morning star,” revealing her bright magic just before sunrise. Using this metaphorically, what would you like to put to bed when it comes to love? And, uh, who might you finally want to lure INTO your bed? Think it over—and write it down before Wednesday—so your vision of love can rise strong and clear next week.

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