What’s the Greatest That Can Occur?

We so often make decisions based on the age old question, “What’s the worst that can happen?”

She could say no.

I’ll be embarrassed because I can’t do the job or finish the course.

It will be a waste of money.

I may dislike vegetarian Nepalese food.

But what if we changed the question to, “What’s the best that can happen?”

She could say yes.

Maybe I’ll love the job or flourish with the study.

It may be the best investment I’ll ever make.

Nepalese restaurants could be my new favourite.

I’m not suggesting that we should just throw caution to the wind with every decision that we make.

Please be responsible.

Please be conscientious.

But also, please don’t allow your future self to be limited by your fears.

And please, please, please use your imagination to dream of wonderful, remarkable outcomes.

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