You Don’t Must Socially Distance on the Stairs

At a train station in the city there are some very wide stairs, with about 30 steps to the top.

Next to the stairs is a narrow escalator.

When I walked past earlier this evening, there was a long line to the escalator as people squeezed on for the gentle ride to the top.

But there were very few people taking the stairs and there was a lot of space between the commuters.

They all had a choice.

Take the easy option huddled with the masses, potentially putting themselves at risk, or make more of an effort and stay safe.

Of course, this principle isn’t just true for social distancing.

In life, you can cruise slowly, making little effort and just be stuck in the crowd.

Or you make your way to the top by doing the work that very few others are willing to do, helping you to stand out from the rest of the population.

My tip? Do the work, take the stairs.

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