You Solely Want 6 Elements For This Low-Carb Crispy Rooster Dinner

When you think of crispy chicken, it may call to mind images of fast-food, deep fryers, and carb-heavy breadings—but this recipe will convince you that low-carb crispy chicken isn’t just possible, it’s actually pretty simple.

One of the recipes shared by food writer and cook Valerie Azinge in her new cookbook 30 Minute Low Carb Dinners, this recipe is the best sort of dinner for a weeknight, and for when your trying to make your pantry last as long as possible. In just half an hour, with only six ingredients and one cast iron skillet you’ll have a perfect protein for your dinner table. Azinge recommends serving it with broccoli, but any healthy veggie will make a great pairing.

Not only is this dish simple, but it will also fit into a ketogenic diet plan with it’s low-carb inspiration. The flavors in the dish, like lemon, thyme, and tomatoes, are common notes in the cuisines that inspire the Mediterranean diet, which this dish fits into too—just make sure you keep the Mediterranean diet food pyramid in mind when making your plate.

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